Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tell me about Oaxaca

Rather than me trying to describe the state of Oaxaca and the city of the same name how about reading Wikipedia. Here is the link for the State of Oaxaca and the link for the City of Oaxaca.

Another reference worth your time to visit is "Oaxaca Dream".

This site contains articles written by Alvin Starkman, a transplanted Torontonian. We met Alvin during our first visit to Oaxaca in 2006. Alvin provided us with 2 days of extensive tours around the Oaxaca valley. I believe that one of the major factors for Tanya and I to focus on Oaxaca was Alvin's great introduction to the sites and activities the valley has to offer.

We have also read Alvin's newsletters and enjoy his insights into Oaxacan life. I hope you will read his articles referenced above and enjoy them as we have.

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