Friday, October 2, 2009

And We're Off!

Tanya Posting: Welcome to Indiana, the Crossroads of America. We're settled into the Guesthouse Inn somewhere outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The "whirlpool room" (an upgrade at $55 per night) has wireless Internet, a somewhat clean bathroom and a TV. Most importantly, they accepted cats, so Missy (The Siamese) is settled onto one of the three pillows, resting after her tough day in the car. We ended up leaving Toronto at 11:05, after our first Starbucks stop. My friend Cecilia bought us travel mugs, which the staff at Starbucks admired greatly. The name of the mugs is "Contigo", which in Spanish means "With you". So Cecilia is with us on our trip, it seems.
In Ohio we kept seeing signs that read " Target Area', which we discovered means that when the speed starts changing 4 times every mile, they are targeting you as a prime candidate for a speeding ticket. $110. (Bitter, bitter, bitter.) The young police officer was kind enough to knock $30 off the original fee. How. Very. Kind.
Day 1 - 1 Starbucks, 1 speeding ticket, and the cat survived...


Angie L. said...

You've left already! I though it was on Sunday!! And you took Missy with you? Has she lost her voice yet?? Why the change in plans?

Miss you already :(
Love you with all our hearts
Angie & Ayla

stephenryan99 said...

11:05!? That's not even 05:00 in Newfoundland, of course you're going thew other way, so you took your siesta early. Both of you have a terrific trip. How's Missy, is Ralph awake, why is the sky blue. Mum& Steve