Friday, October 9, 2009

Immediately Mexico

Here we are, Day 2 in Mexico, and already Ralph and I are enchanted. We left behind our friends in Austin - a speacial thanks to both Melissa and Wendy for letting Ralph and I stay with you while we were there. Ralph commented on your generous hospitality, how warmly you accepted us both into your routines and homes. Leaving Wendy's at around 9:30 in the morning, we arrived at the border around 3:30. The border was reasonably easy, the whole process took about 1 hour, including the car permit. We are a bit concerned about the car permit being tied to our visas, and having to surrender our visas when we fly back to Canada in February, but Ralph figures his Spanish language skills should be good enough by then that he can manage any issues.
And so, at about 4:30 p.m. on October 8th, 2009, we begin our 6 months of living in Mexico. The country is immediately recognizable for its differences, from the painted signs on the buildings to the lack of lines on the roadway, we have arrived. It suddenly sinks in that what we have planned for, dreamed about and spoken of is finally here.
Our ambition the first night was to arrive in Ciudad Victoria (named for Mexico's First President Guadalupe Victoria) before nightfall and check into Hotel Mision Ciudad Victoria. We arrived after dark, and after a bit of an adventure finding the place (wrong way on one way streets, turning at a petrol station into oncoming traffic - did I mention it was dark?) we checked in (BTW - if you want the internet rate, you need to book the room on the internet, the drop-in-no-idea-if-I-will-make-it-there-in-one-piece rate is twice the price at CA$110.00), went to dinner and crashed.
Day 2 has us in the car for yet another long day, about 10 hours, and although the thought of more car time tomorrow makes me (and Missy The Cat) want to weep, I continue to be charmed. We are staying at the Hotel Dorado, in Vega de Alatore, Veracruz. Our room has a hard king size bed, a jacuzzi with the water that comes into the tub like a water fall, and the waitress in the little restaurant tells me that the shrimp I had for dinner come from down the road, about 15 minutes. Ralph and I had about the equvalent of 2 shrimp rings, a beer each, and of course rice and tortillas, for a whopping CA$17.00. We stopped this morning at a truck stop for eggs and coffee, and I wondered why I love this country, its places, customs and people so much. Why does it not bother me that there were cobwebs everywhere in the restaurant? Why do I look at a toilet with no seat and smile, remembering that this is the way in Mexico? Where in Canada the mere thought of instant coffee gives me heartburn, when the waitress puts two mugs of hot water on the table and taps the jar of Nescafe on the table, I smile and say thanks and Ralph and I look at eachother and share that little secret look. We are charmed, we fall under Mexico's magic quickly and efficiently. We are already wondering what my niece, Ayla, will think of the horses tethered everywhere and the chickens by the side of the road.

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winniedozois said...

Like Angie said miss and love you both. Sounds like a very enchanted place. I like the picture of the mountains. But a toliet with out a seat that would bring me back to living in New Brunswick in a Tee-pee. I wish you both all the luck. Love you very much Mom. xxxxxxxxxoooooooooo