Saturday, November 28, 2009

Off to see my Chicas!

Before I blog about this weekend, I should mention I was in Cancun/Playa Del Carmen (The Disneyworld of Mexico) last weekend for 4 days to see Las Chicas, girlfriends of mine who came down south for a Stagette/Bachelorette party. One significant mentionable was the fact that in Mexico, you can't fly anywhere (it would seem) without flying through Mexico City. This meant I flew 1 hour north east to then fly 2 hours south east. Very direct. One small saving grace is the Starbucks in Mexico City airport. I surprised the girls and arrived earlier than they expected, and we had a lot of laughs, some projectile vomiting and the prerequisite tan lines. I enjoyed seeing the girls, laughing and letting loose in a resot where I will never go again, partly for fear that someone might recognize me.
Highlights I will laugh about when I am 80: Austrian weightlifter in Cancun in a lime green thong, mosquitos that ate me alive in the Lobby Bar, parasailing with Shirley, Erin and Sarah, scuba with Sarah, chilling with The Bride to Be for a day, and chest pops with Alison to Calle Ocho.
Getting back to Oaxaca was good, except I had neglected to leave the flight informatin for Ralph, and my flight was delayed. On arrival in Oaxaca, he was no where to be found. I called the house - no answer. I paced and debated what to do. I was woried something had happened over the weekend. My cell phone was not cooperating and my blackberry email was down. Thankfully, they have Boingo wireless at the airport. US$7.95 later, I found Ralph via Skype, he was safe, at home, looking for me. Reunited at last! I promise to plan better next time!

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winniedozois said...

Oh Tan. what did you do this time? The things you say in the blog i bet are the good thing what happened. I bet you are realing leaving out the rest of the jucie details. glad you found Ralph. It is nice to get back where you feel comfortable home. Like we say home at last. Love Mom. Later. XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOO