Thursday, November 12, 2009

Etla or Italy?

On Sunday we were invited to join a few aquaintances for a drive. The original plan was to go check out some caves north of the city about a 2 hour drive away. By the time church was out and we were ready to go, it was 2, so instead we went to Etla. This worked out well, and Ralph and I had been wanting to see Etla anyhow.
Etla is a suburb or Oaxaca, you can;t really tell where Oaxaca ends and Etla begins. There are a group of 5 villages locals call The Etlas. There are a few ruins in the area, and, we discovered, a great swimming pool/water park that has nice food, and at least 5 swimming pools. As most of you know, Ralph and I would like to grow grapes to maybe make wine. At least wine would be the plan! In the pat month Ralph has been reading and I have been listening to the secrets of grape growing for wine. There are 2 key things you can't get wrong. Soil conditions and choosing the grape to grow in said soil conditions. All other things can be managed.
Ralph and I have been to several wine regions around the world, and we're confident the climate and landscape here bode well for a bit of vino. I thought I'd see if you agree. Which picture is of Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico and which picture is of Greve in Chianti, Itlay?

Picture 1:

Picture 2:


Angie L. said...

Well, according to the scientists in my office, the pictures need to be of equal proportions in order to clearly determine their origin.

But...apart from the inadequacies of your sample...we have decided that picture #2 is from Mexico!

Awaiting the results....
Angie, Melanie, Brian & Jessica

Anonymous said...

I think I would vote for #2 being Tuscany. Awaiting verification of results. Wendy

T said...

Picture #1 is from Mexico, though I agree with my sister and her lab rats, the evaluation was slightly outside of acceptable parameters given the unequal specimen size.
Good on you, Wendy!