Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Building Bridges

As mentioned in a previous post, Ralph and I had been out looking at real estate. We had seen a few properties on the weekend that were interesting. One of them is quite secluded with a lovely view, and a corn and squash crop on it. While we were there, not only did we learn new vocabulary, but also enjoyed the wonderful nonchalant attitude toward building bridges. The property to too far going around the hill, and the owner said "Un puente, tres arcos, ping, ping ping." He is telling me that I could build a bridge, three arches. Right. Well, Ralph and I went back to walk the property, and walked the road where we would build said bridge. We loved the property, the view of the pond, the mountains all around, the amazing views. Once back in the car, I said quietly to Ralph: Bridge building intimidates me.

And there it is. The thought of buying an old house, falling apart, that requires lifting and new foundation work and a new roof and a new furnace - bring it on! But a bridge?

Civil engineers, architects, permits, builders. How much does it cost to build a bridge? How long would it take? Who would maintain the bridge? Was the road in, on the side of the lagoon, public easement or private? We had more questions than answers. And all the questions in Spanish.

Ping, ping, ping.

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Xenia said...

Hi Tanya & Ralph,

I just love reading your posts! Every time when I open my computer, I check if it is something new from you guys.

Happy New Year and all the best in 2010!

Xenia & Lawrence