Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What I miss most about Canada

My friends and family have been asking me what they can get me for Christmas, was there anything I was missing from Canada that I could not get here that maybe I wanted for Christmas. Well, here's a list:
  • I would like a hot water heater that does not go out every time the wind blows.
  • I would like gas that just gets pumped into my house, that does not run out after a weekend away without hot water.
  • I would like an oven with a pilot light that works, and not one that I light with fear of explosion possibilities.
  • I would like to put my garbage out on the street and have some mysterious peson come and take it away. It's OK if he/she is overpaid, I just don't want to have to run around with garbage in my car looking for a garbage truck.
  • I want central heating in areas of Mexico where it actually gets cold. Not an extra poncho or a poorly built fireplace. Central Heating. (More on this in the next few posts.)
  • I want to eat an apple without soaking it for 15 minutes in a solution to protect myself from typhoid, dengue and other illnesses.
  • I want Butter Chicken Sauce in a jar. Tikka Masala would do in a pinch.
  • I want to drive my car down the road without worrying about speed bumps the height of a 5 year old child, pot holes I could cook a whole goat in or "vado", v shaped dips, that insist on scraping the bottom of my car at every opportunity. Paved roads would be a bonus.
  • I want to sleep without fireworks going off until 6 in the morning, no dogs barking or marching bands playing either.
A small, short, conservative list. This is what I am missing from life in Toronto.

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winniedozois said...

Good list. Love i guess to get any of these things we would have to send you lots of money, or come back to Canada an enjoy all the thing you miss. Because we miss you to. A little tear can to my eye and i real do miss you two. We are in the middle of a snow storm the first. 30cm. Later Mom. Love you. xxxxxxxxoooooooo