Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Sister and the Niece

Finally, my sister and niece have arrived from Montreal. Unfortunately they are not seeing Mexico in the best light... yet. They arrived without luggage, seems it was not transfered in Mexico City. The most unfortunate part is not that my niece puked on the plane, but that the Mexicana agent did not even seem surprised that the luggage was lost. And although they have arrived in a climate slightly warmer than they left back home in Montreal, Oaxaca is currently in a cold front, meaning the days are not warm, but cloudy (the clouds so low today that they cover the top of our nearest mountains) and a bit cool, maybe 15 degrees. Brrr...
Of course, in typical Tanya and Ralph style, we did not let a bit of cool weather and lost luggage dampen our evening plans. After a quick dinner, we headed off to Ralph's play, processional and sing-song event at his Spanish teacher's. We laughed a lot, sang in Spanish songs that are tranditional from Mexico, and drank spiked fruit punch that had so much sugar in it my face was tingling.

Before my sister arrived, I send her the Oaxaca Moon Handbook (ordered from Amazon) and an email asking her which of the following tours she would most like to do. In addition to the Radish Festival (23rd) and obvious Christmas and New Years celebrations, I thought we could fit in a few touristy things in Oaxaca.

  • Tour 1: El Thule (2000 year old tree), Dainzu (archeological site), Theotitlan del Valle (rug village), Hierve Del Agua (pertified water fall)
  • Tour 2: Santa Maria Atzompa (pottery) and Monte Alban (most famous archeological site)
  • Tour 3: Ocotlan, San Bartolo Coyotepec (black pottery), Cocinea bug farm, San Martin Tilcajete (wooden figures)
  • Tour 4: San Sebastien caves
  • Tour 5: Etla Wednesday Market and a swimming pool spa/playground
  • Tour 6: Ziplineing and hiking in Benito Juarez National Park
  • Tour 7: Veracruz & water museum (allow 2 days)

She has decided she wants to do them all. So, check the blog regularly over the holidays, we'll be busy!

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