Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Huatulco - A picture is a thousand words

The Margaritas were large.

The lobsters were excellent (once cooked!)

The beaches divine, pristine and empty

The private boat tour the only way to go.

The girlfriend in her happy place.

The boyfriend sunburnt again.

The road was bumpy.

The coffee plantation run down but so very green.

Four days in Huatulco just gave us a taste for our return. White water rafting, waterfall tours (in a jeep, this time!), maybe a day at one of the all inclusive resorts, definitely another stay at Mision de los Arcos in Crucecita, likely more Pizza at La Crema bar, and more pistachio ice cream, too!


Elizabeth said...

It all looks like great fun, except for the sunburn. :)

winniedozois said...

Great blog. Poor shade boy, look's like it hurt. I like the life jacket's that you have your feet on Tan. At least you have them with you. That drink look devine, make's your mouth water just looking at it. And Erine looked like she was enjoying her self. How long is she there for? Please Ralph put sunscreen. Love and kisses to all, miss you lot's Mom.xxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooo