Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1 More Sleep

We leave tomorrow morning. We drive from Oaxaca to Queretaro, where we are staying at the Real Minas overnight. Next off to Monterey. We do not have specific hotel reservations here, but there are a few places we have addresses for on the outskirts, so I'm not worried. Saturday we are Austin bound, where we stay for four days before driving through Los Estados Unidos home to Toronto. The trip will be 6 days total, 4408 kilometers. With the cat.
We took her carrier out yesterday and she looked at it and meowed, as if to say, "Why is this out? I'm fine here, no need for this thing any longer!" She will miss her garden and cactus adventures as much as we will miss life here.
I promise to get us all caught up on the baseball game and the Theatro Macedonia Alcala while on the road. Knowing me, there will likely be signage commentary as well!


Angie L. said...

Tanya & Ralph,

I feel Missy's sadness. I hope the drive is smooth and safe. Thank you both for keeping this wonderful blog so that we could share your adventure.

Glad you are coming back to Canada but am already missing that link to "Oaxaca".

Miss you and love you both!
Angie & Ayla

winniedozois said...

Wow i can't believe 6 month's had already gone by. like Angie,Ayla said i will miss the link also, of your great time in Oaxaca. have a safe trip home. Will be waiting for your blog adventure on your way home. Good luck. Lot's of love Mom.xxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo. Steve also send's his love.