Sunday, March 13, 2016

And then we passed a guy on a donkey...

I had been off blogging. Not because there were not things to share. There is always a lot to share. But I had been going through a bit of a culture adjustment. I wondered if you wanted to hear about how frustrating I find it that the customer is responsible for having the right change. Like if you want to buy a 10 peso bag of limes, and all you have is a 100 peso note, and the vendor has no change, he is perfectly fine not to sell you the limes. Someone else will come along with the right change. Really. I am not kidding. Of course the bank machines only spit out notes in 500, 200 and 100. And really, mostly 500. So very little costs 500 pesos that trying to break a 500 note becomes a discussion on its own. (Wanna go for coffee? Sure, but I only have a 500 pesos note. So we need to go to the Italian Coffee Company at Santo Domingo.) I am not kidding. But I digress.

Yesterday I went on a hike in the Sierra. Gosh I adore it up there. And the weather has been nothing short of perfect. This morning, friends had asked if I wanted to join them on an organized bike ride out to Thule, which is a village about 10 kiloemetrs outside of town. In 1987, the railroad in Oaxaca was defunct, so they converted a large piece of track into a treed, paved bicycle path. Wait, it gets better.

In addition to this, they organize, ever Sunday morning, a free guided trip along the path. They also rent bicycles, for the entire time, for 70 pesos ($5 Canadian, $4 USD). And it is a wonderful ride through the valley with the mountain views just waiting for you as you leave the city. The ride out takes about an hour, and you have time to sit in the shade and rest before heading back. Today the sky was blue and the weather perfect.

But the very best part, was passing a mature gentleman, on a donkey, also using the bike path. And I did not have my camera!

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Brodfish5 said...

You're not kidding about getting change. At times even paying with a 50 peso note is difficult. By the way, was the hombre's donkey also pulling a cart loaded with kindling?