Saturday, May 9, 2015

Permanent Residency Statistics

We are just back from Canada. We left Oaxaca on April 10th and drove for 2 days to Austin, spent a few days there visiting and then flew to Montreal. Here are some interesting stats from the trip:

Beds: We slept in 15 beds different beds. From hotels to guest rooms to the loft in our cabin, we rarely rested our heads in the same place for more than a few nights at a time before we were on the move again.
Cities: Fourteen in all, over three countires, not double counting those we were in twice: San Luis Potosi, Laredo, Austin, Chertsey, Montreal, Bath, North Bay, Toronto, Mississauga, Brantford, New Braunfels, Petawawa, Port Hope, Queretaro
Kilometers traveled: Approximately 9000 kilometers in the car, and we flew from Austin to Montreal. No wonder we are feeling a bit road weary...
Pets rubbed: Diego and Hilda, our cats, stayed in Oaxaca while we were away. Thankfully I got some surrogate fur love from a total of 17 pets, 8 dogs and 9 cats
Friends visited: 44. Yes. 44. I was tempted to list them all here because we had to write them all down to count them. Thank you so much to all 44 for carving out some time to see us. It is never enough time together, but we appreciate every moment. For those we did not get a chance to see, we'll be back around August, stay tuned!
Family visited: 17. We managed some great visits and quality time with family which really meant a lot to both of us. Ralph's Dad is 97 and we try to sneak in as many visits with him as we can! (Even though he did not make date squares this time...) For those family members who were in Spain while we were visiting, see you in August, amigos!
Hours for successful permanent residency application:  4. Yes, it only took us 4 hours to have our applications processed even though we were planning for the standard ten days.

Catula is a good place to stop away from Laredo about one hr.

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Erin Smith said...

I love your post... missing you both already and counting down the days till August arrives!!!