Sunday, February 1, 2015

Oaxaca Healthcare

I went to an information session at the Oaxaca Lending Library which was given by a local doctor. This doctor is a generalist, practicing here in Oaxaca who has U.S. experience. His English is excellent and probably why he has so many Expats as patience.

It is common that local doctors make house calls. It is also common that local doctors do not carry liability insurance. It seems that the culture is not to litigate. I guess accidents do happen, oh well!

Having an English speaking doctor available is very comforting. In an emergency you call your doctor first who can advise you on whether you go to the hospital or wait until he can drop by to assess treatment. He can then refer you to the best practitioner for what ails you.

If you are over 64 years old it is just about impossible to get major health insurance. But then again, the cost of healthcare is very inexpensive. For example a doctor's visit may only be C$40 plus any treatment costs. Around the clock nursing care in home may only cost C$50 per day. Self funded healthcare is probably best anyway since the costs are so low.

There is excellent doctor care available here in Oaxaca except for heart by-pass operations, stints and angiograms. For these you have to go to Puebla or Mexico City. There are even 15 plastic-surgeons here and quite a booming business for Expats.

Dental care here is also very inexpensive and many Expats travel here for those expensive procedures like implants and crowns.  

Non-critical care is available to everyone, even tourists though the line-ups and waiting times may be long.

We are very comfortable with the healthcare available for us in Oaxaca and now that we have an English speaking doctor easily accessible we can relax and enjoy our new country and home.

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German Otalora said...

Could you give me the name of the general practitioner and how you can get in touch with him. Thanks