Friday, October 24, 2014

Visitng... friends, Elvis and travel plan changes

Well, we spent 5 hours at Graceland, home of The King. It was quite an interesting tour on many levels. It is way more shrine like, rather than museum like. They had an ipad to guide you around and provide you with good detailed information and offered as much or as little as you wanted to know. Ralph and I decided that Graceland was not an employer of choice. All the staff seemed to be at a general level of miserable. From the shuttle drivers to the picture takers to the restaurant and gift store staff, no one was specifically unfriendly, but none of the staff seemed overly excited to be there. We would highly recommend it as a tour stop, though, very impressive overall. Be prepared to buy something in the gift shop. They even had Elvis sheet sets.

We left Memphis early and drove onwards to Austin, and we've been spending our days visiting friends we have here, and prepping for our crossing over into Mexico. As many of you know, the northern part of Mexico is the least safe part. We were quite dismayed to learn that the great hotel we stayed at in Ciudad Victoria was fully booked for almost a week. We had to decide on a change, consider our different options: stay in the USA close to the border crossing, stay on longer in Austin, drive through Monterey, stop in Tampico... Lots of choices, but not many of them very safe. After a lot of discussion, research and prayer (more on this in a future post) we elected to stay close to the border crossing in Brownsville on the US side on Saturday, dead head very early in the morning right down to Veracruz on Sunday, and then inland to Oaxaca on Monday. But for tonight, we have a restful day enjoying friends, warm weather and Indian food for dinner at home this evening!

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