Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Texas to Ohio Drive

We left Austin early Thursday morning to beat the morning traffic. Andy gave us driving directions that took us around any bumper to bumper spots. We cleared the city and headed north. Tanya and I continued to do the driver switch every 2 hours so that we did not get overly tired.

We took a different route north because we were stopping in Dallas for lunch with Tanya's vendor friends at HP. We were given a quick tour of the HP campus then off to lunch with Debra, Jeannette and John. Missy was left to roam inside the car with water, food and her litter box readily available.

Back on the road we continued north. Because of the extra stop in Dallas we were only able to get as far as Little Rock, Arkansas. On the way south we had stopped in West Memphis. We stayed at the Galloway Inn in Little Rock and paid the $10 premium to have Missy stay in the room. While Missy was getting comfortable in the room Tanya and I went over to the Iron Skillet for supper.

Friday morning we got on the road about 9:00 am after our continental breakfast of juice, danish/bagels and coffee. We had lunch at Subway somewhere on the road in Tennessee. We even stopped for an afternoon snack at Dairy Queen somewhere in Kentucky. The flat land and straight roads started to change in Kentucky where hills started to appear.

On our trip south we had stayed in Fort Wayne, Indiana but this time we are on a different route and were targeting Dayton, Ohio for the night. However, it was getting dark as we were passing through Cincinnati so we stopped in Sharonville at an Econolodge just north-east of Cincinnati. So here we are, getting ready for the final charge north. The last time that I will have to load the car which we unpack every night.

Our crossing will be Detroit. The crossing was picked by our GPS as the fastest way home. I hope it has taken into account the actual time to cross the border. But we are ready. We have a list of the things we bought and are bringing back. In all it totals less than $400. I only have 4 cigars left and 1 bottle of Texas wine. We should not have a problem.

And friends. We are looking forward to seeing our Toronto friends again. See you all soon.


winniedozois said...

I guess this will be my last blog of your six month blog of your great adventure. Get home saftley. Will be home i guess as i am writing this blog. Welcome back. Glad to here Miss was fine once again on her journey home to Canada, she is going to miss her freedom of wondering around in and out as she pleased. Glad to have you home. Love Mom. xxxxxxxxxxxooooooooo

Lawrence said...

Welcome home, hope to see you soon!